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Airport Baggage Systems

Our team consists of experts working in the airport industry for more than 25 years. Each of them has collected years of practical experience. As a consequence, our team is able to identify, define, assess and to benchmark solutions for our clients.

Conducting a comprehensive analysis of the requirements is essential. We have been asked many times to audit system installations where the customers or the final users had doubts or even problems to find their requirements reflected in the system installation.

Even if we receive preliminary designs or design criteria prior to our work, we always scrutinize the infor-mation. It is essential to obtain comprehensive knowledge about the customers or the final users requirements. Most of the time such investigation provides additional information, a preliminary design or design criteria document could not transport.

Regardless wether to design a new Airport Terminal or to modernize or to enlarge an existing Terminal, we have the experience to provide the services and knowledge - from the data collection at the beginning to the final acceptance and hand-over of the solution to the customer.

From Small Scale to Large Scale Systems

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